Nov 29, 2013

Dr. John - So Long (1995)

An LP worth tracking down if you can. It's called Afterglow, released in 1995 and full of old big band standards done in that particular Mac Rebennack style. But it's this song in particular which caught me off guard the other day and I couldn't stop listening to it. They should use this one to close down bars on a Saturday night. It also harkens back to those 70's Tom Waits piano records like Closing Time and Heart Of Saturday Night.

Dr. John - So Long (1995)

Speaking of Waits... reminded me of this one, an old favourite I'd listen to in Montreal and dream of movies.

Tom Waits - Fumblin' With The Blues (1974)

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  1. Tom Waits records provided the soundtrack of me dropping out of university. I can't hear any of those first records without thinking about Camels and skipping classes and selling records for beer. Now, I don't smoke, I don't have any records left and no classes to skip. But we're still all looking for the Heart of Saturday Night.


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