Feb 22, 2013

The Rolling Stones - Keys To Your Love (2002)

There's always been a side to the Stones that occasionally bows to Motown, Stax, Smokey Robinson etc. They recorded this as a sort of tack-on to a greatest hits album... and at first listen I absolutely hated it.

After a few years it kept popping into my head. I would listen to bands like The Impressions and then think of this song involuntarily. It was bothering me over months and months until finally I sat down and forced myself to listen to it on repeat to try and figure out why it kept gnawing at me. The Stones were so good at these kind of throwback soul songs disguised as modern ballads. Mick switching to falsetto for the chorus and the guitars weaved in by Keith and Ronnie are fucking immaculate.

When you're listening to it, think of Smokey Robinson, The Impressions... even Marvin Gaye. It's all in there.

While we're at it... The Stones doing The Temptations.

Rolling Stones - Just My Imagination (Live 1978)

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